We get it and we understand - some prefer an open bar instead of hiring a filmmaker on their wedding day, others are able to have the whole shebang. Not everyone has the same budget but just because money, money, money budgeted for your day may not be whole lot, we wouldn't want that to prevent a couple who connects with our work and appreciates our art from having us capture their love story. 

We're happy to have a conversation about your budget, perhaps it means that we capture your day for only a couple of hours, perhaps we agree on a wonderful trade exchange or just one of us comes along. Our conversation may work in your favour but sometimes it may not be possible, but give it bash.

"If you never swing, you'll never hit" - the life motto of Terence Orpen.

But, please understand that this is the way we provide for our family and if you're looking for a bargain, we might not be your dream filmmakers after all.

Cape Town is our home.

We always try to stay with family and friends when we travel but if we do not know anyone near the town you are getting married, we may ask for you to provide accommodation for either one or two nights. No need for the Ritz Carlton... but if you would not stay there, I bet we wouldn't either.


We're keen, able and ready! We make an adventure out of trips like these. 

We have travelled across the ocean to capture love stories within the three years. Each have been their own unique experience but equally beautiful and memorable. With each we have returned home having made special friendships along the way. 

Here is a selection of our travel wedding films we have captured:

Hunter + Miranda, Indiana, USA
Kara + Kevin, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Haley + Aniket, New Delhi, India

Pierre + Deborah, Paris, France

We will research the means and ways of arriving at your destination and the most cost effective will be selected. From there a customised rate card will be sent to you which will include travel and accommodation. We do our best to make it worth your while to have us there and if time allows we would love to capture a "love session" with you.

A Fort Wayne, Indiana love session.

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