Pug Love

Brendan & Ally Wedding Film

- Katy's Palace Bar | Johannesburg -

Pug loving; a drummer and his doe.

School sweethearts, they watched one another grow.

Travels, long distance, and separation - their hearts couldn't part.

The little looks they share - proud, I love you, I'm home, you have my heart.

"I wanna always feel like part of this was mine."

Ally and Brendan, School sweethearts, promised the rest of forever as the afternoon shadows and sun floated through Sir James. A ceremony filled with adoration and care, witnessed by their families and closest friends. They feasted on curries, papadums and sambals - their favourite Friday night treat - as Anakin Skywalker and a Clone trooper opened the dance floor.

Thank you Brendan and Ally for inviting us to capture your love story.

With thanks to Black Frame Photography, it is always such a pleasure.

Venue: Katy's Palace Bar