This Love Is Like Wild Fire

Wahl & Chrisna Wedding Film 

- Winterton | KZN -

The land yearned for rain, and when she came you couldn't tell her when.

Chrisna and Wahl got married on her family farm. Her parents paved way for their ceremony to be held within a pocket of trees and constructed bridges over streams to reveal a beautiful "boskerk" within. The rain, though a pleasant sight, was asked to hold on tight but the clouds to heavy to wait sent lightning and roars of thunder. When love is as treasured as Chrisna and Wahl's, rain nor any distraction can prevent you from being present in the beauty of their vows. 

Drops trickled down their cheeks; we shared in quiet moments under the trees and captured a love session so true and dear. The sun set amongst the clouds and a golden glow reflected upon the dam. A reception filled with heartfelt prayers and hopes for their future together; the night sky dark in the middle of nowhere except for the laughter guiding the way as they danced.

This love is like wild fire.

Thank-you for bringing such soul to your incredible day! 

Photography: Pritti by Migneon Marais

Venue: Family Farm