Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

JT & Tamsin Wedding Film

- Magoebaskloof Mountains | Mina's Art Cafe, Limpopo -

"Heart's on fire in the warming rain".

On a Misty afternoon in May, JT and Tamsin invited their loved ones and friends to witness their forever love story. The heavens overflowed and other arrangements were made for their ceremony to take place in doors... but this was then not their dream. Mother nature heard the desires of their heart, the rain slowly retreated until their were no fresh drops falling from the sky. It was in this beautiful moment that Tamsin walked towards her husband.

Their heart's on fire - a love so special leaving all behind,

as they anticipated their move to London

letting the lightning of their passion guide them.

Thank-you for never giving up on your dream ceremony... It was truly so wonderful to capture your hearts and to be a witness at the beginning of your wonderful new adventure. Carefree, your inner-child embraced the rain, mist and mud and your heart warming love could be felt by all.

We adore Denise and Rob Tooley and the incredible space they have created as a family - Mina's Cafe is so very dear to us. They go above and beyond to make all their guests feel welcome. Thank you for your generous hospitality and care - your kindness is always treasured and we look forward to capturing many beautiful moments in your special space. 

Photography by Andre from Black Frame

Venue: Mina's Art Cafe