A New Delhi Love Song

Aniket & Haley Destination Wedding Film

- The Roseate | New Delhi, India -

Two shall be born the whole world wide apart, 
And speak in different tongues, and pay their debts In different kinds of
coin; They enter the same door, and suddenly, they meet.
They fall into each other’s arms – and this is Fate!
Fate by Carolyn Wells

Everything we dreamt India would be, she was not. The experience, the kindness, the sights and beauty superseded our vision and left us in awe of her magnificence. Thank you, dear Haley and Aniket for sharing your journey and entrusting your forever love story with us. Our hearts will forever hold a piece of India. With Love, The Orpens


Photography by the talented Joshua Kane Photography, click to view his beautiful imagery he captured in India.

Venue: The Roseate