The Fishermans Cottage

Alan & Kelly Wedding Film

-  The Rose Barn | St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape -

Alan and Kelly’s wedding happened to be very dear to Terence for many reasons: Kelly is practically Terence’s sister having been family friends for 17 years. The wedding took place at the lovely Rose-Barn just outside of St. Francis Bay where Kelly’s family have their holiday home and where Terence spent many adventurous summer holidays. 

It would be the first time Terence’s parents would see us “in action”. My parent’s in law met 36 years ago while working in the television industry and it is in honour of my charismatic and loving father in-law, who ticks all the right boxes, that we chose to be called “Orpen Film Co.”.

Oh and how about their entertainment… the talented Jeremy Loops.

Kelly, a dietician and Alan, who is the doctor for the Sharks Rugby team (aka Dr Shark). Their story is beautiful having met in Manguzi, a rural community located 15 km south of the Mozambique-South Africa border, during their medical community service.

The have lived the adventurous life we can only dream of and their story has only just begun…

Venue: The Rose Barn

Photographers, see their wedding day images here: Andy & Szerdi Photography